• Joel Coffman

College Football Week 6 Picks

Column Record: 14-10-2 (4-2 last week)

Total Record: 19-14-2

I’m going to post 2 records each week. One that tracks the official column picks and one that tracks my overall record since I’ll add plays throughout the weekend (some sober others not so much). If I add plays I will tweet them out as I place them. This way it gives you an accurate and transparent look at how the picks are faring.

Week 5 Recap:

Washington -10.5 v. USC - Win

Akron at UMass over 63 - Win

Arizona State +4.5 at Cal - Win

Michigan v Rutgers Under 28 First Half - Win

Wisconsin -23.5 v Northwestern - Loss

Wisconsin -11.5 (in-game) v Northwestern (Non-column) - Loss (Brutal beat after being up 24-3. Sheesh)

Fresno State -17 at New Mexico State - Loss

Alabama -38 v Ole Miss (Non-column) - Loss

**All lines from Bovada

Week 6 Picks:

Michigan -3.5 v Iowa: There aren’t stats to justify this play at all. And maybe I’m hanging on to Michigan being good for too long. I mean...they can’t lose to Iowa at home right? Further, you’re telling me with all the talent in Ann Arbor they can’t beat Iowa by more than a touchdown? It feels like a last stand for Michigan to me. They HAVE to win this game. The only real competition Iowa has played was an odd game in Ames where there were stoppages and oddness and they kicked a field goal with under 5 minutes left to win. Again, maybe I’ll regret this but I’ll take Michigan in a must-win situation.

Auburn at Florida Under 49: I’m approximately 0-for-a-million when I have a bet that includes Auburn. So take this with a massive grain of salt. But I do think this is a low scoring game as Florida has had an extra week to prepare and Auburn comes in playing their 3rd straight SEC game. The last time Bo Nix was on the road in a SEC game he had 100 yards passing and Auburn had less than 300 yards total against A&M. I don’t think being that one-dimensional against Florida works. And on the flip side, I have no idea how Florida scores on Auburn and that defensive front. Derrick Brown and company are incredible. I see a low scoring game that ends something in the neighborhood of 21-17 or 24-20.

LSU -16.5 First Half v Utah State: Look, LSU can name their offensive score in this game. They’re averaging almost 60 ppg and 563 ypg. Joe Burrow is firmly in the mix for the Heisman along with Tua, Jalen Hurts, and Justin Fields. I think after the week off they come out pressing the gas and let off late. I do think Utah State can score on LSU’s defense and a backdoor cover on LSU -27.5 scares me. So I’ll take the Tigers -16.5 in the first half.

Notre Dame -45.5 v Bowling Green: If you’ve read my column in the past you know I went to Bowling Green and follow the program closely. I’ve said all year I’m betting this number almost regardless of what it is. Is it the best spot to bet Notre Dame coming off the UVA game and with USC next week? Probably not. But Bowling Green is averaging 9 ppg versus FBS opponents and they were shut out against the other Power 5 team they played (K-State). Notre Dame could score 60 on accident in this game. I love you, BG, but I have a terrible feeling Saturday is going to be ugly.

Likes that could be added on Saturday: North Carolina team total over 30.5 at Ga Tech, Ohio State v Michigan State over 49.5, Georgia -25.5 at Tennessee

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