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Fantasy Football: 5 Draft Moves We Hate How Much We Love

**Suggested draft position based on .5 ppr, 10-12 team formats, with 1 QB starting

I considered many titles for this piece such as:

Guilty Pleasures of the 2019 Draft

Moves Like My Ex-Girlfriend When Still Single (you don’t want to but you do it anyway)

Drunk Texting at 2:00 am (that next morning we hate we did it, but at the moment it felt good)

Moves Guaranteed to Help You Lose...but that we are going to make anyway

Drinking Malort All Night (if you don’t know Malort--go look up and try will make perfect sense)

I think you get the point, so without further ado, here are our top ten draft moves we hate that we love and are going to make.

1. Cordarrelle Patterson--we always love our first love

The odds of this one paying off in a league play are slim, but if he does, it could be wild. With Nagy’s system and his versatility, he could be a big-play machine. He will be on no one's radar and best as a last round pick, but he could be fun. I really hate how much I love him in best-ball formats.

Ideal Value: Undrafted FA

Willing to Go: Last Round

Drafting Ahead of: No one?

2. Jared Cook--fool me once shame on you; fool me 8 times, and I will still draft you

Not nearly the sort of risk that Patterson would be, and many experts think he is poised for that “breakout season”...just like he was in 2018 and 2017 and 2016. But you know, the change of scenery will do him it did in Saint Louis and Green Bay and Oakland… Ok, you get the point and get his subtitle, but he did have 101 targets last year for a bad team and bad quarterback. And don’t let the allure of the NO offense fool you, aside from Kamara and Thomas, there isn’t much depth for a quarterback who likes to spread it around.

Ideal Value: Early to mid 8th round

Willing to Go: Late 6 in bigger formats/if TE are really flying or mid 7th in 10-12 team leagues with a draft going as “expected”

Drafting Ahead of: Eric Ebron, David Njoku

3. Mike Evans--the quarterback and offense can’t really be THAT bad

There will probably be some of you reading this who actually love how much you love Mike Evans, but honestly, I just hate that I am going to pick him if he is there. Sure, he had great numbers last year (86/1524/8), and he played in all 16 games (which is becoming more and more rare), and there is a chance I might be able to make their squad as a WR. So, there are things to like. I just hate how little I feel we can trust Jameis. And despite the thought that bad teams will trail and therefore throw more, the reality is that very rarely does that translate to fantasy production that you can consistently count on. So, while there are some factors to like, I ultimately hate how much I love that we are going to target Mike Evans.

Ideal Value: Early to Mid 3rd

Willing to Go: Late 2nd

Drafting Ahead of: Tyreek Hill, T.Y. Hilton

4. Lamar Jackson--if you were this fast as a quarterback, you would draft yourself

I have always been in love with speed at the skill positions. When playing Madden, I would always trade for all the fastest guys even if they were not highly rated...and those teams always SUCKED. Which is why I hate how much I LOVE Lamar this year. I just cannot overlook his speed at that position even though there are these numbers: QBR of 48.7, completion percentage under 60 percent, and a whopping 171 passing yard a game. Hence the hatred for how much I love this pick. That said, between his growth in year two and his running ability, I am going to look past his awful numbers and horrible receiving core and draft in as much as I can as my 2nd QB because I would hate myself even more if I didn’t, and he becomes what I think he could be.

Ideal Value: 13th round

Willing to Go: Late 11 or early 12 based on QBs being drafted (after all--he is probably the one QB in this range that actually has top 8 potential because of his legs)

Drafting Ahead of: Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston

5. Leonard Fournette--nice guys finish he must finish first?

There might not be a bigger boom or bust early rounds pick this year than Fournette, and from what I can gather experts and amateurs alike are either all in or avoid at all costs when it comes to Fournette. I want to avoid at all costs; he goes against my number one rule of drafting: avoid risk. It is that simple for me when drafting, so I really, REALLY hate how much I love Fournette this year. Between injury and suspensions, he has played just 21 games through his first two seasons. Obviously, that is less than ideal. But he is a 24-year-old with all the skills and athleticism to truly dominate the league. I hate how much I love my watching him in college bias, but I just can’t get past that or his 90 yard TD run as a rookie. Nick Foles will help, the WR core is improved, and there really isn't much competition for touches if he stays healthy. That is a huge if, and he also has to stop trying to punch people, but if he can do both of those, there is no reason he can’t finish as a top 5 RB.

Ideal Value: Late 3rd

Willing to Go: Mid-2nd if I have to…(fingers crossed I don’t)

Drafting Ahead of: Damien Williams, Aaron Jones

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