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Drinks of the Week: Wk 3

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

This is your weekly public service announcement: fantasy football is a game, and games are supposed to be FUN! Don’t EVER forget that.

Week 2 brought you grilling go-to's, so I hope that you enjoyed staying at home, firing up the grill, and drinking your way through the slate of NFL games. You can read more about those and the food pairings for each here, and you can follow my food/wine/beverage Twitter space @ChristopherB070.

So, through two weeks in this NFL season, you had bar classics to kick off the party and then grilling go-tos to keep that party going, but sometimes we all need some time alone. So in week 3, we bring you just that: Sipping in Solitude. Put on the over-sized sweatpants, kick everyone else out of the house, ignore the need to shower, and plan on sipping your way through 10-plus hours of NFL and solitude. For each food pairing, I am going to suggest two options: one if you feel like cooking and one if you want to just say “fuck it; I am enjoying solitude.”

**Always remember, these drinks are listed in a suggested order of drinking in the event you plan on trying all three.

Week 3 Theme: Sipping in Solitude

Cocktail of the Week: 48 Volt Electric Screwdriver

Solitude means there is no need to defend any drink choices, any drinking starting times, or anything else. To me, that means the hell with it, let’s get this thing going with a cocktail! This drink is perfect for breakfast because it has fruit juice in it; I think that means it is healthy, too. A riff on the classic OJ & vodka screwdriver, the Electric Screwdriver just kicks that up a notch or two. But that isn’t enough for our Vegas Write Off friends who are sipping in solitude, so we are kicking it up several notches with the 48 Volt Electric Screwdriver.

Drill it home with the 48 Volt Electric Screwdriver

.75 oz clear tequila

.75 oz vodka

.75 oz gin

2 oz OJ (ideally freshly squeezed)

1.5 oz Energy Drink

Combine everything but the energy drink into a shaker with ice, shake, and put into whatever the hell glass you want (you’re sipping in solitude after all), top off with the energy drink, and say “Fuck it; I don’t need any damn garnish.”

Suggested food pairings: leftover pizza/frozen pizza or pancakes and bacon

Beer of the Week: Sam Adams Noble Pils

A traditional Bohemian Pilsner, this beer has a good balance of citrus, hops, and piney flavors which makes it both crisp but also complex. It is strong enough to stand up to the brat and crisp enough to be a good counterpoint to the French onion dip. If you are making brats, use this to saute the onions, too. At 4.9% abv, it is a bit lower than a lot of Bohemian Pilsners which makes it the perfect beer for kickoff, lunch, and snacks; plus, if you save a piece or two of bacon from breakfast, the saltiness of the bacon transitions perfectly into this beer.

Suggested food pairings: microwave popcorn and potato chips with French onion dip or bratwurst with beer-sauteed onions

Wine of the Week: 2016 Charles Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

There are a few reasons why this wine is the suggestion this week. First, it is good; I mean I could really just stop there. It is a bit lighter than your traditional Cab insomuch as it is more old-world in style. So, that makes it a bit more versatile because it doesn’t crave food with it as many Cabs do. Second, it is a screw top. I don’t want your night of solitude to be bothered by trying to open up a bottle of wine late into a beautiful day of drinking. So, if you cannot find this exact wine at your local stores, do yourself a favor and find something with a screw top. The last reason I picked this wine is I just believe more people need to drink more wine from places like Washington State. This wine, coming out of the Walla Walla, region is a great expression of the Pacific Northwest terroir.

End your evening of solitude with STEAK

Suggested food pairings: whatever ice cream you have in your freezer or a bone-in rib eye with red-wine-sauteed mushrooms and onions plus some grilled asparagus

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