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Drinks of the Week--Wk2

This is your weekly public service announcement: fantasy football is a game, and games are supposed to be FUN! Don’t EVER forget that.

Last week I presented a trio designed to help you “Go Hard or Go Home” with a sparkling rose, a fresh-squeezed margarita, and a summer shandy beer. You can read more about those and the food pairings for each here, and you can follow my food/wine/beverage Twitter space @ChristopherB070.

So, now that the buzz (pun intended) of week 1 in the National Football League has subsided a bit, I have worked to bring you a lineup this week that is based around the grill! The massive kick-off parties and bar bashes are over, so take the chance to enjoy the comforts of your own house, the great start of Fall weather, and the GRILL! This week, we get fired up!!!

**Always remember, these drinks are listed in a suggested order of drinking in the event you plan on trying all three.

Week 1 Theme: Grilling Greats--Let’s Get Fired Up

Beer of the Week: Ballast Point Brewing Company: Grapefruit Sculpin

This IPA is infused with natural grapefruit flavors, so you’re welcome; you are getting your breakfast fruit in a bottle--or something like that. But seriously, this is a great way to kick off the day. At 7% ABV, you will only need a couple to get the party started, but the hoppy flavor of a typical IPA is balanced beautifully with the tart grapefruit which makes it great for breakfast or perfect with spicy food.

Suggested food pairings: Bacon and Egg Tortilla Crust Breakfast Pizza (yes, this is amazing on a grill) or Cayenne Pepper and Seasoned Salt Dry-Rub Grilled Chicken Wings

Cocktail of the Week: Georgia On My Mind (a peach-based Whiskey Smash)

This cocktail is fresh and full and makes the perfect compliment to bbq sauce and grilled food. Plus it has fruit in it, so you are being healthy, and for that reason, I suggest having a few of these bad boys!

Georgia On My Mind

2 oz bourbon

.5 oz simple syrup

¾ of a peach sliced/diced

¼ lemon juiced

7-8 mint leave

Muddle the peach, mint leaves, and lemon juice.

Add bourbon and simple syrup

Shake over ice.

Strain and serve in a rocks glass w one big cube--garnish with mint leave and peach wedge

Want to make this one extra fun-filled? Cut the peach into slices and grill first. This will add a nice bit of smokiness and depth to the cocktail.

Suggested food pairings: Bourbon & Maple-brined Bone-in Pork Chop, BBQ & Bacon Burger

Wine of the Week: 7 Deadly Zins - by Michael David

Maker of my all-time favorite Zinfindel, Lust, Michael David brings to us a much more affordable “daily drinker” in this lovely Lodi Zin, 7 Deadly Zins. Lots of big, jammy fruit with flavors of ripe plum and berries, this wine hits big upfront and then finishes with spice and depth as you get black pepper and vanilla on the finish. All of this adds up to the PERFECT wine for bbq...especially BBQ ribs. Plus, it is great without food, so if you are stuffed by the time you open this bottle, settle in for Sunday Night Football with a glass or two as “dessert.”

Suggested food pairings: BBQ Ribs

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