• Joel Coffman

NFL Week 3 Picks

Column Record: 2-5-1 (2-2-1)

Total Record: 2-5-1

I’m going to post 2 records each week. One that tracks the official column picks and one that tracks my overall record since I’ll add plays throughout the weekend (some sober others not so much). If I add plays I will tweet them out as I place them. This way it gives you an accurate and transparent look at how the picks are faring.

For as well as we’re doing in college football (hanging strong at 60%), we’re doing equally as terrible to start the NFL season. We’ll get it going though. Marathon not a sprint. Hell, I’ll probably go 4-0 this week.

Week 4 Picks:

Dallas -22.5 v Miami: I’m betting against Miami until they cover. I’ve never laid anywhere near 22.5 in an NFL game in my entire life. But this Dolphins team is one of the worst teams that I can remember. And they traded Minkah Fitzpatrick this week. So give me Dallas, I guess…

Kansas City/Baltimore under 52.5: I know what the numbers say here: They’re 1st and 4th in the league in points per game and they’re 1st and 3rd in yards per game. But of the four total games the teams have played, three of them have come against Miami, Arizona, and Oakland. KC has had trouble running the ball and being one dimensional against Baltimore is a tough ask. And I could see Lamar Jackson coming back to earth a bit this week. I may regret betting an under with Mahomes and Jackson at QB, but I’ll take that chance this week.

6-Point Teaser: GB -1.5/Buffalo Pick ‘Em: GB plays Denver. Buffalo plays Cincinnati (outside of Miami they may be the worst team in the league). They’re both at home. Denver has to travel across the country for a 1pm kick. I know it’s the NFL and anything can happen but I don’t see either team being in any real danger of losing.

Colts/Falcons over 48: Atlanta’s offense has been an enigma to start the year. Matt Ryan has thrown some inexplicable interceptions and Devonta Freeman hasn’t gotten going coming off injury. There’s way too much talent there for it to continue and I think this could be the week. Both teams are in the bottom half of the league in points given up. The Colts know they have a matchup to exploit with TY Hilton. I could actually see this game being the highest scoring game of the week.

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