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Week 4 "Daily Dozen"--or terrific 10

Week four has brought a bit of a change to this piece; we shall see if that turns into any results or not. But, you might have noticed I was giving out plays all week. I decided to call Wednesday #WRWed and Thursday became #ToughRBThur. I shared tweets and videos on those two days that had the plays for the week. Below is a summary of those shares. Be sure to check us out on Twitter at @vegaswriteoff for more in-depth thoughts on these guys.

Wide Receivers:

Tyler Boyd, 6,300 @ Pittsburgh

4th in NFL in targets

Top 10 matchup vs. Mike Hilton

Pitt D = 5th worst in ppg and 2nd worst in passing yards per game

Amari Cooper, 7,900 @ NOLA

T1 in TD receiving TDs

NOLA has given up 9 passing TDs

NOLA 3rd in passing yards

Will see some time vs. Eli Apple but could be shadowed by Latimore, but I still like him in this high scoring game

TY Hilton, 7,400 vs. Oak

8 targets a game

4 TDs this season

OAK D has given up 6 passing TD

Terry McLaurin, 6,300 @ NYG

“Covered” by Jenkins (who gave up 3 TDs to Evans last week

Giants D is 1st in passing yards allowed

Giants D is 3rd in passing TDs

Jones can score the ball, so Wash will need to also

Larry Fitzgerald AND Christian Kirk, 5,900 each vs. Seattle

Both averaging over 10 targets a game

46.5 O/U

Cheap + opportunity = gold. Build with this and add CMC & Cook

Running Backs

Leonard Fournette, 6,400 @ Denver

Denver D = allowing 26 carries a game and 5 rush TDs

This one comes down to just believing Fournette is better than what we have seen.

A slow start = a cheap price tag with some upside

Kerryon Johnson, 6,500 vs. KC

KC gives up 137 ypg at 6.2 per carry

High scoring game = big-play potential

KC D has given up 4 rushing TDs

O/U of 53.5 with a 6.5 point line = lots of chances

Derek Henry, 7,000 @ Atlanta

Atl D giving up 25 points per game

ATL rush D has given up an average of 27 carries and 5 rush TDs

Henry has 51 carries and 3 TDs through 3 weeks

Tenn will look to keep Matt Ryan and co. off the field, and DH is the man to do just that

Austin Ekler, 8,100 @ Mia

It’s Miami--that is all that needs to be said

Ride this guy for one last time!

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