• Joel Coffman

What Are We Even Doing Here?

We want to make something perfectly clear at the top: we make zero guarantees that any of our picks or DFS advice will pan out. None. We’re just two guys who love to gamble. That’s about it.

Genuinely, the whole premise of this site is to be able to write-off trips to Vegas (um yes, hence the creativity in our name). Everything we do is rooted in experience, data, and research, but we are not guaranteeing a damn thing. That’s why you’ll never, EVER see a paywall on this site--no matter how big it does or doesn't get. We don’t need that kind of pressure, and you don’t need another monthly charge to explain to your significant other.

Each pick given out is one we’re betting, so if the picks suck just know it’s hurting us too. But we’re going to have fun around here. We’ll make fun of ourselves when we’re wrong and brag when we’re right. We’ll make picks and offer DFS advice and strategy. Give out a drink/cocktail of the week. And shitdick (you’re going to read that word a lot) around.

In addition to the site, follow us on Twitter (@VegasWriteOff), too, and engage with both of us on that site to tell us just how badly our advice was for you. Thanks for that.


Chris & Joel

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